I’m Kardo, and I like to try everything I can: Design, illustration, 3D, video, advertising, packaging, web, etc. I’m passionate trying new things and learning skills I don’t have. So, instead of being an expert on an specific matter, I think I'm very flexible and diverse.
I studied a degree on Graphic Design in the tropical garden of Caracas, Venezuela, where I worked for 6 years and teached design for - a beautiful experience that sometimes I would like to repeat - then I moved to Portugal, my parents country, adopting all it’s extraordinary culture. 
I’m this guy who try to explain everyone that I’m Portuguese too, but my accent doesn’t help me! I like to cook for some friends; I enjoy traveling with them -or alone- taking photos of architectural details or sitting on a place to draw some sculpture. In fact, I’m passionate drawing the human body.

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